Recession Lessons To Use Going Into the Recovery

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The Recovery is here — so the experts are telling us.  This recovery may be felt in some markets more than others.   After all the dust has settled from the last brutal 18 months — what lessons can we carry into the recovery.

1.  Dropping rate does not create demand.  There have been studies on this by people smarter than I am, Cornell University for one, to the effect that those hotel’s that value add and are smarter about discounting generate more revenue than those hotels that jus follow the lowest rated hotel to the bottom.  

2.  Customers are now trained to expect value. Peter Yesawhich defined value as ‘ something that the customer could not otherwise afford.’  This could be the reason that the luxury segment of the industry is recovering faster than the other segments.    See — it’s not just about rate!

3.  Meetings are back but we lost 15% during the recession and are expected to only increase in this segment by 8% in 2011.   Value add- value add!  Be very careful of dropping rates especially on longer lead business.  

4.  Customers are locating, gathering information and booking hotels on different channels than they were prior to the recession.  How well does your hotel web site appear  on mobile phones, do you have a mobile app, how well is your property placed on Google maps? 

5.   It’s time to reward the warriors — those that have come to work every day and fought the frustrating battle of the last 18 months.   Say Thank You to everyone that stuck around.  While you are at it — pat yourself on the back!

The eBook The Best of Hotel Sales & Revenue Management is here!  The past two years have been among the most difficult in the industry’s history. This 55 page book contains lessons we all learned during the recession and those that will launch us into the recovery. Click below for  more info.

Shoes for Connor — Shoes for Haiti

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The good thing about a relatively slow summer for buisness was the opportunity to launch the charity that we founded, Shoes for Connor that was inspired by a business trip to Africa. Log onto to get the story behind this charity.

Now we have another another mission. We have already collected and sent 1200 pairs of shoes to needy parts of the world — this is an opporntunity for everyone to do a little more — dig into your closets and find those shoes that you are not wearing or your children have outgrown. Rally your hotel or company in an effort that everyone can assist with regardless of their means. We can provide suport in the way of flyers, a recorded presentation and distribution. If you want to help Soles4Souls reach their goal of 100,000 pairs of shoes for Haiti contact us at See below for more details.

Shoes for Connor – Shoes for Haiti!

We have all been deeply touched and troubled by the situation in Haiti following the earthquake. Following a news broadcast last week I logged onto Soles4Souls web site and emailed Morgan Evans, our contact with them. See below her reply:

Hi Carol!
It is very sad what had happened the other day and we are committing to send 100,000 pairs over there. Thank you so much for your hard work with your past shoe drive! I also want to thank you for making an extra effort for more shoes to send to Haiti. We appreciate all that we can get during a time like this. Thanks again!

Morgan Evans, Donor Program Specialist
Soles4Souls, Inc.

Remember Soles4Souls does not collect shoes. They rely on organizations like us to collect the shoes so that they can distribute them through their channels – they have responded to other disasters and gotten shoes where they are needed. As mentioned on their site, when the immediate needs of food, water and medicine are addressed there will still be a tremendous need to protect little feet from the debris left by the earthquake. People are becoming ill from cuts and abrasions left untreated — we can try to protect their feet!

If you have been thinking about getting organizations that you belong to involved in a shoe donation for Shoes for Connor now is the time to do it. Let’s help Soles4Souls reach their goal – contact me at for info and support on how if we all dig a little deeper into our closets we can make a difference for all of the little Connors in Haiti!

Forget Resolutions It’s Time for Results

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This subject line appeared on an email this morning from my favorite and essentiial guide for motivation, Tony Robbins.

It is estimated that most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned or forgtotten by the end of February or March. This applies to business resolutions as well as the usual self improvemnt resolutions!

What makes Tony Robbins my motitivational guru is that he advocates massive action to change your life or your business world. Adjust your attitude, focus on your vision and goals and MOVE!

A bad plan executed well is infinitely better than a great plan executed poorly or not at all! You can always make adjustments, your past does not determine your future and keep your eyes on where you want to be not the things you are worried or frightened about!

In his little book, Notes From a Friend, Tony gives an example of a race car lesson. When you go into a skid don’t keep your focus on the wall you are about to hit but on the track where you want to be. Tony’s race car instructor would physically turn his head around to focus on the track and away from the wall!

When you do this, everything in your mind, body and reflexes adjust to take you where you are focused and want to be.

Happy New Year and remember resolutions are hollow without a massive plan of action!

Tony’s Notes From a Freind is a little book in small chapters that I refer to every morning when I need my attitude ramped up — it is avialable on Amazon! Well worth the $9.95.

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